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Front Loader LK U
  • A front loader with an excellent price-performance ratio.
  • Mechanical self-levelling for precise loading.
  • Easy manual hitching and unhitching of the front loader thanks to the efficient FITLOCK 2M System®.
  • Hydraulic hoses and wiring harness are hidden under the swing arms for better visibility and to protect against damage.
  • Tilt angle of 71° at 1.20 m height for optimal bucket filling
Front Loader LK M
  • Robust front loaders for intensive everyday use.
  • The perfectly integrated mechanical self-levelling U-Link system ensures clear visibility to the front at all times.
  • The special design of the swing arms and the integrated parking supports effectively protect the hoses and wiring harness.
  • Sealed NS couplings prevent hydraulic oil from leaking.
  • Thanks to a tilt angle of 71° at a height of 1.20 m, the bucket can be optimally filled to maximise productivity.
Front Loader LK H
  • The top-class model for the highest demands.
  • Increased lifting speed thanks to hydraulic self-levelling PCH System®.
  • With the FITLOCK 2+ System®, the front loader can be easily hitched and unhitched in less than a minute.
  • At the touch of a button: AUTO LEVEL® returns the bucket automatically to the pre-programmed position.
  • Convenient implement change with quick-change frame with hydraulic FAST-LOCK System® and the SPEED-LINK System®.
  • The efficient FITLOCK 2M System® enables the front loader to be easily hitched and unhitched manually.
  • The MACH System® ensures a secure connection between the tractor and the front loader with just one movement.
  • The MACH 2® quick coupling system ensures effortless connection of the implement to the front loader.
  • The quick-change frame with the hydraulic FAST-LOCK system® and the SPEED-LINK system® make it easy to connect and disconnect implements.
  • With the PROPILOT® System control, the sliders of the control unit are operated by means of floor pulls. Optionally, it is available with three buttons that can be individually assigned with functions.

  • The precise, unique low-pressure control FLEXPILOT® prevents fatigue and is maintenance-free. It comes standard with three buttons that can be assigned with individual functions.

  • The innovative electronic control e-Pilot S has all the premium functions. It can quickly execute up to three movement combinations.

  • Wide range of robust implements such as buckets, forks, grapples, etc.
  • The bale forks of the MANUBAL L series enable convenient handling of round and square bales.
  • The MANUBAL C series wrapping tongs ensure gentle handling of film bales.
  • Round and square bales can be safely and efficiently stacked with the MANUBAL V series bale tongs


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